About Ninja 5

What is Ninja 5?
Ninja 5 is a review site I review based on anything that intrests me.

Why the name Ninja 5?
Well I grade from 1 to 5. I use the ninjas favorite ranged weapon for our grading scale, the shuriken!

What will you mostly be reviewing?
Most of the time we will be reviewing games and movies.

What is the Ninja of _____?
It simply the Asian actor in the film, that I believe should get more recognition because how many times do you actually see an Asian person playing well... anything. A good example is Avatar the Last Airbender, greatly influenced by eastern culture I only saw a handful of Asian people none of which actually main characters.

Does that mean you only review movies with Asian people?
No I'm not one of those people that get out of a movie theater and say that movie was bad because it had no Asiasn people. I'm saying that some movies are bad, because well they're bad. For example Dragon Ball Z and Avatar the Last Airbender neither followed the series that much, neither had good acting talent, and they both just happened to not represent Asians.