Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Inception Movie Review

Inception Movie Review
Directed by Christopher Nolan
The Good
  • Nothing short of mind blowing. This is one of those films that you wouldn't mind seeing twice or maybe three times just because the story is that deep. The father you go deeper into the target's mind and the more you learn about the main character's mind. Its a great way to learn about someones history.
  • All original, for once this is a total original idea. Not to bash on The Dark Knight (another great movie directed by Christopher Nolan) but for once its not a comic book based movie or another generic fantasy movie.
  • Every actor is amazing, everyone delivers in this movie with their acting skills.
  • The way the explain dream stealing and why implanting an idea in someones head is so hard is just so intriguing. Everything about the process is explained in this movie.
  • Details about how you can lose sense of the diffrence between the dream world and reality, so you need a totem to tell you if your in a dream or in reality. Such as a top that would keep spinning in the dream world but fall in reality.

The Bad

  • The characters could be fleshed out a bit more but not much of a complaint considering you won't really notice because the story moves so fast.
  • If you don't pay attention enough or go take a bathroom break too long you could be confused for the rest of the movie. Then you end up walking out of the theater wanting a refund. So PAY ATTENTION.

5 out of 5 Shurikens

This movie is excellent and I'm kind of nit picking on this movie. It really is a great film with a deep intricate plot that may be hard to keep up with but incredible once you get into it.


The sleek and cool buisnessman or "The Tourist" of Inception. Ken Watanabe is actually quite an established actor having being already nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the film The Last Samurai. Along with having being nominated for Best Supporting Actor in his 1998 Japanese film Kizuna. Ken Watanabe well star in a film called Shanghai which is about the months leading up to the Pearl Harbor attack. Shanghai having being already released in China I am eagerly waiting is release stateside.

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